Why choose Waterloo Plastering?

  • We Start Strong: Waterloo Plastering begins with an inspection of each structure before we ever start a project. This allows us to properly understand the critical details and construct a plan that will ensure a successful delivery and avoid delays. We thrive on working with the owners, designers, architects, and all other stakeholders from design through installation.
  • We Focus on Strengths: Waterloo Plastering focuses on being the best plaster and stucco applicators in the Central Texas area. Because we do not bear the burdens of other multi-trade contractors, we have focused our efforts and honed our skills. You the customer are ensured of the best stucco company in the business.
  • We Play to Win: Waterloo Plastering only provides the most experienced and professional craftsmen in the industry. Our teams are highly skilled and do the job right the first time. We are a well-respected, fully insured company with general liability, workers compensation and full commercial auto coverage.
  • We Offer a Variety of Services: Waterloo Plastering can work on many different types of projects; both residential and commercial properties, providing Interior plaster, balister, crown molding, etc. We work with Cement, Hard Coat, Synthetic Finish, Smooth Finish, Crown Molding, Stucco Columns, Interior Plaster Domed Ceilings, Sand Finish, Skip Trowell Marmorino plasters, Venetian plasters and Lime Wash stucco.

Waterloo Plastering is a proud sponsor of the following organizations: