Our Customers

At Waterloo Plastering, we are proud of the large customer base we have created through years of consistently producing high quality craftsmanship. This list shows many of the top tier Central Texas builders and contractors that we have worked with over the years.

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Residential Customers

Adam Wilson Homes
Affinity Homes
Bellaheim Homes
Brian Bailey Homes
Brodie Builders
C&A Builders
Camelot Custom Homes
Castle Builders
Cole Simmons
Condra Construction
Custom Homes by John Carroll
CVF Homes
Dale Sauer Homes
Dan Day Homes
Diamante Custom Homes
Dorado Builders
Doug Connolly
Elliot J Construction
Giex Estate Homes
Haymond Homes
Heritage Custom Homes
Highland Homes
Homesource Construction
Howard Builders
Hunnicut Custom Homes
Infinity Development & Construction
J. Byron Homes
Juniper Custom Homes
Katz Builders
Kevin Brown Kustom Homes
Kimmel Builders
Lakehills Custom Homes
Lexor Homes
Mangum Custom Homes
Mark Gault Homes
Matt Sitra Custom Homes
Medal Crest Homes
MEK Crest Homes
Metropolitan Custom Homes
MHI Central Texas
Michael Battaglia Fine Homes
Michael Deane Homes
MM Custom Homes
Omni Custom Homes
Pasadera Builders
Partners In Building
Peter Strobel & Associates
PWB Construction
Premier Partners
PSW Homes
Randy Rollo Homes
Realty Restoration
Renew Home & Property
Richard Bright Custom Homes
Risinger Homes
Russell Eppright Homes
Saratoga Homes & Texas
Soledad Builders
Stadler Custom Homes
Stalwart Homes
Stewart Custom Homes
The Boston Company
Toll Brothers
Trinity Custom Homes
Uptmore Custom Home
Wilshire Homes

Commercial Customers

Alkin Construction
Auto Builders
Bailey Elliot Construction
Bartlett Cocke
Beck-Ford Construction
Black Canyon Construction
Blue & Associates
Burt-Watts Industries
Butler Brothers
Chasco Construction
Christofferson Commercial Builders
Clayton-Levy Construction
CL Thomas Speedy Stop
Comanche Contractors
Commercial Contracting
Crown Hill Builders
DCA Construction
Dooley Mack Construction
EBCO Commercial
Embree Construction
Engen Contracting
Flynn Construction
FT Woods Construction
G Creek Construction
Greco Construction
Harvey-Cleary Builders
Huser Construction
IE2 Construction
Innovative Builders
ION Constructors
JE Dunn
Jerry Kachel Builders
Kemp Management
Kendel Kasper Construction
Key Construction
Kimmel Builders
Knight Construction
Koontz-McCombs Construction
Krell Commercial Construction
March Builders & Design
Metropolitan Contracting
MST Constructors
Oakland Construction
Parkway Construction & Associates
Pinnacle Construction of Austin
Pitt Building Company
Powell Development
Raymond Construction
RGD Builders
Rizzo Construction
Rogers O’Brien Construction
Rostrata Builders
Royal General Contractors
Smith Construction
Stadler Commercial
Strobo Construction
Suntech Building Systems
T&F Construction
TD Farrell
Tejas Premier
The Struthoff Company
US Builders
Van Tassel-Proctor
Warwick Construction
Westport Group
White-Spunner Construction
Wright Builders
Wurzel Builders